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We present you a family winery from the Little Carpathians, specifically from Šenkvíce. Carpate Diem is a continuation of the Fitz & Petrík winery, which was established in 2012 and since the summer of 2019 it has been continuously producing wine grapes from its own Carpathian vineyards under the name Carpate Diem. At present, the annual production is 25 thousand. bottles of quality varietal wine.

The beginnings of this winery were modest, at first they made wine just for the fun and pleasure of their friends and acquaintances. In 2013, they planted a new vineyard above the cellar, which served them for growing quality grapes. Today, these spaces are used only for tastings and guided tastings. But their wine did not leave anyone cold, and the rapidly growing demand for their wine made them think about new ones with larger spaces. Their dream began to come true in 2016, when the company invested in the purchase of premises for the former NUPOD fruit and vegetable warehouses in Šenkvice. At Carpate Diem, they are aware that they can only produce quality wine from quality raw materials , so they plant and manage their own vineyards. We produce their wines mainly from grapes from our own Little Carpathian vineyards .

Source: Facebook (14.2.2020)

The wines from the CARPATE DIEM winery reflect the character of the Little Carpathian vineyards from which the raw material comes. They are managed by the method of integrated protection . As part of the protection against vine diseases, they use only specific types of products permitted by law, no poisons, insecticides or herbicides.
Thanks to technological processes, they produce wines that are health-friendly, which means that the level of histamine in them is very low to none . This was also confirmed by the results of the analysis of wine samples in a certified laboratory.

Source: Víno pod hviezdami (14.2.2020)

Today, they are building a modern winery with progressive technologies. Their vineyards, with a total area of 5.3 ha, are located in the Malokarpatska vineyard area in the Modranské vineyard district in the cadastre of the village of Šenkvice and the town of Modra . Varieties are grown : Nitria, Hron, Tramín červený, Devín, Pálava, Muscat Moravian and in 2019 Hybernal was planted.

Source: www.bigsta.net (14.2.2020)

CARPATE DIEM also have a clear vision for the future and they want to keep improving. By gradually building them, they would like to bring their consumers modern wines reflecting the character of the Modranské vineyard district.

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Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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