They make jams and pour alcohol into them. Gentlejam is a gem in a cup

Dominika Šimončičová

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In order for your business plan to be successful, you need a good idea, smart people, a strategic plan and, of course, start-up capital. Then just don't get out of the way and success will come. The founder of Gentlejam had a vision and that was jams, but not any, but jams with premium alcohol.

With grandma's recipes for jams, jam or marmalades, it's like family silver. Strictly guarded are inherited from generation to generation, once a new young blood enters the family and decides to jam on its own. But it can also be that the jam enlightenment comes like a bolt from the blue and starts a new beginning of a great jam adventure. In both cases, it's even more exciting when his actresses, the jam fairies, engage in magic. That's what starts to happen with traditional jams!

We will introduce a tri-traditional jam and that is jam from GENTLEJAM , in which you will enjoy the divine taste of fresh fruit, fragrant spices and selected premium alcohol.

Source: Gentlejam (14.2.2020)


The couple Iveta and Matej decided to start a business and bring a new wave of delicacies to the gastronomic market. Their aim was to create a product that reflects the temperament hidden in a single teaspoon of top jam. As it turned out later, it changed not only the taste of the jam, but also their lives.

Iveta Hrabovská is a former regional television presenter and product specialist. One day she decided to add alcohol to the jam. You'll be surprised that before you said she'd make a business plan from cooking jams, she never cooked any jam. She remembers exactly when she thought of it… They and her husband drank a bottle of Alibernet, and somewhere in the middle of the bottle she thought, “Alcohol jams.” Wow, I'm going! Matej (husband) looked at Iveta, did not understand and hoped that he would "sober up". Thankfully, it didn't happen. It never occurred to her that gastronomy would feed her one day.

What was she missing when she started?

It took her the longest time to come up with recipes. It takes her 4 months to perfect one recipe, but then the taste is worth it. He even does a market analysis to see if anyone has come up with something like this. If so, then the idea throws in the trash, and if not, it starts to create.

And that's not all.

They draw attention to two basic values that they are proud of. One of them is the ratio of fruit to 100 grams of jam. Common jams contain 90 grams of fruit per 100 grams of product. In GENTLEJAM, some jams have almost 200 grams of fruit per 100 grams of product. Thanks to this value, they do not use pectin, nor any artificial flavorings or other substitutes. In addition, there is enough natural sugar and flavor in the fruit to be able to significantly reduce the sugar in the recipe.

So what do they put in the jam?

Fresh fruit, fragrant spices, quality alcohol and a pinch of sugar, nothing more, nothing less.

All recipes are so unique that their quality has been appreciated by many gastronomic competitions. They use only carefully selected premium products from local growers for production. They are complemented by exclusive alcohol.

A wide selection for everyone

They offer a choice of 16 different original recipes that will delight gourmets of alcohol, lovers of quality gastronomy, but also small children. The novelty is three jams without alcohol, suitable for the little ones, or those who do not possess alcohol or cannot consume it. For everyone else, there are 10 types of jams with alcohol and 3 types of sauces with alcohol.

There are no limits to fantasy

When creating individual recipes, Ms. Iveta thought of a combination of specific tastes. For example, she imagined a grilled rib, a juicy steak, and she was looking for the most suitable ingredients. Thus, products were gradually created that are still breaking down borders. These jams are suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. You can combine them as a side dish to ripening hard cheeses, to game, veal, duck, pork or beef steaks, to dried ham, to meat pies, or just when you get a taste for something sweet.

Gift issue resolved

Many of you do not know exactly what to buy, either to your half, or to your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother or friend. Alcohol as a gift is nice, but for all congratulators, the birthday party can open his shop straight away at the end of the celebration, because everyone will come with a bottle. But what about quality jam with alcohol? In addition, packed in a beautiful package, which at first glance arouses interest. Gentlejam was created for exactly that purpose. Everyone will be pleased with the original gift. Just choose jam and a premium gift box.

Source: Darčekové balenie (14.2.2020)

The aim is to establish itself absolutely on the Slovak market, to let as many people in Slovakia know about Gentlejam as possible, so that as many people as possible know about it and know about it. To become the main product of experiential gastronomy or gift gastronomy in Slovakia. And then gradually open more markets. But they build everything from their own resources and investments. They are very humble with visions, the Slovak market is a priority and if the next option comes they will be very happy.

GENTLEJAM jams will not miss our e-shop with Slovak products either - soon. We are preparing packages for you that the Slovak internet has not yet experienced, you will taste the best of Slovakia. GENTLEJAM, soon in our packages full of stories.

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Reported by: Dominika Šimončičová
Updated on: 8.6.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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