10 tips on how to survive quarantine

Saška Mišiková

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Yes, that's right, unfortunately even if we don't like it, the motto of the current situation is "be responsible and sit at home". We see it everywhere we look: coronavirus… ..stress… ..cloth ... panic ... food supplies for 2 years ... greeting with elbows… building an anti-atomic shelter… .quarantine. Yes, all this is in a situation in which Slovakia and in fact the whole world found itself very important (except for those supplies and building an anti-nuclear shelter).

We could also call it a new social experiment in which we realize that 4 walls and a couple of family members is quite a challenge . Let's be honest with each other, the sun is finally shining outside, you can smell the spring in the air, we would like to go have a coffee in our favorite cafe on the terrace, go to the cinema or beer bar, but the extreme situation requires extreme measures. GoSlovakia has prepared practical advice for you , which is definitely suitable for you now, so that you and we can "take advantage" of this situation and combine the necessary useful with a pleasant and, last but not least, survive all this in physical and mental health and not go crazy.

1. Dare in the kitchen
Have you wanted to try a new recipe for a long time but didn't have time for it? Maybe you were afraid that it wouldn't work out as you expected, you would have to throw it away and then you wouldn't have time to cook or bake something else. Now you have time, you certainly have a lot of ingredients in the pantry (if you have something left in the stores) and you can go crazy, try something new. Try new ingredients, taste new flavors, simply experiment.

2. If you work from home, create a home office
Home offices, fleerancers and people who work from home know this very well. I know people who work from home and say it's not always the best, at home on the couch with a laptop on, it doesn't sound like work ethic and everything, even the dishes in the kitchen are more appealing than work. Create your own work corner, all you need is a table, one chair, a laptop and you can have a mess on the table, you're still at home.

3. Sort photos on your mobile and laptop
We all know it, modern times allow us to document everything and right away, it doesn't need anything or talent, all we need is a mobile phone with a camera. We take photos of literally everything and the memory is filling up and filling up. Then I'll delete it, all right. Then it never happens and the result is a crowded gallery with unnecessary shots. Now you have time to dilute your photos, whether from your mobile or laptop, or translate them from your mobile to your laptop and archive them. It's up to you.

4. Engage in your hobby or learn something new
Of course, this advice is useless to you if you like rafting wild rivers or flying hang gliders. But we must be realistic and adapt our requirements to domestic conditions. Do you like going to the gym? Exercise at home, you will find a lot of videos on the Internet about how to get really home. You can combine it, for example, with advice no. 1, make a video of how you exercise at home and then you can add a fit recipe and become a motivation for others. Read books, solve crossword puzzles, learn languages… .creativity knows no boundaries. If you like to sleep-so sleep, but don't forget to ventilate sometimes.

5. Clean up
We deliberately did not give this advice first, so as not to unnecessarily motivate you from the very beginning. We can imagine that it is April, the Easter holidays are around the corner and it is time to move the couch away, find everything we have been looking for for about half a year and be happy and proud of ourselves. Washing windows, washing the refrigerator, defrosting the freezer, uff - there is really a lot.

6. Start a movie or series marathon
You will surely know the feeling when you work out and then you sit down on the couch all satisfied with a smile and feel good. We'll make it a little better - make popcorn, take chips out of stock and start a movie marathon. There are many movies that have several parts and time will pass quickly with them. We can mention, for example, Harry Potter, Games of Life, Labyrinth, James Bond, Star Trek, X-men, etc. From series e.g. Friends, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Bones, Mentalist ... etc. You can watch the series via Netflix or activate HBO for this situation.

7. Play
Horse racing and betting, Scrabble, card games, man don't be angry, Fifa games..Anything. Let's use the time we have now, let's spend it as best we can, and that's with the family, if, of course, the situation allows it. There is nothing better than when the whole family quarrels with a man, don't be angry.

8. Create
Maybe this advice is not for everyone, not all of us are creative and creative types. There are many instructions on the Internet for making anything from almost anything. You can create various home decorations, upgrades. For the uncreative, a simple coloring book for adults is enough, and believe me, we are never too old to draw.

9. Get organized on social networks.
Social networks, we spend so much of our time there and we don't even realize it. Let's use that time now and make order here. Do you have a bunch of friends you haven't seen in 100 years and don't even greet them on the street? Away with them, guard your privacy. You can also dilute the photos here, although it's funny to see what photo we shared 10 years ago, sometimes it's literally a "gem".

10. All of the above advice is best performed in good health
This advice is dedicated to prevention. However, all the activities we would like to embark on cannot be done with joy, as long as we are in poor health. Therefore, let's pay attention to prevention, strengthen our immunity, arm ourselves with positive thinking and do things that we enjoy. It can also be done at home.

Your GoSlovakia team.

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Reported by: Saška Mišiková
Updated on: 25.3.2020
Source: GoSlovakia

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