10 simple tips on how to entertain quarantined children at home

Saška Mišiková

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It is not easy to entertain children so that they not only sit at the TV all day, but also move and still enjoy it. We have fourteen tips for you, thanks to which you can do it with the left back.

1. Playing with chairs

Participants stand in front of chairs, which are stacked in a circle. During the music, the children move freely in the space in the middle of the circle in front of the chairs. The moment the music stops, the task is clear - to sit down as quickly as possible. The game repeats itself, the number of chairs decreases. The game continues until there is only one chair left. Instead of music, children can also sing. An instruction from a "adult" is usually an instruction to settle down quickly.

2. Hideer

One of the most popular games of all children. How about hiding behind a shower curtain? Or wait for someone to show you up in the closet. One stands behind the piccolo and everyone else has to find the perfect shelter. Deliberately, how long will it take for someone to find you?

3. Hide things

If you live in a smaller apartment, do not hide things. Try it with cards or colored paper. The rule is that everyone must be at least a piece of sight so that drawers or cupboards do not have to be opened. At the command, everyone starts looking .. And whoever finds the most, he has the right to invent other places to hide.

4. Bunker under the table

Who wouldn't love the feeling of hiding in their bunker? For example, let the children place it under the table in the kitchen. They can bring blankets, pillows, quilts or towels. And when they're done, you can help them build a soft seat inside and they can relax there.

5. Create an obstacle course

Wrap twine, or crepe paper from wall to wall, or crosswise around the children's room around the furniture. You can also give them a time limit for which they must complete the track. Welcome can also be rewarded.

6. Tornado

An excellent tactic for getting children to clean up after themselves. Set an alarm for 10 minutes and play music. Promise the children a reward, let them know that it will only be cleaned for 10 minutes and they have to clean as many things as possible during that time. Cleaning will take on an adrenaline dimension, and you won't have time to wonder how children will start to fold and straighten everything.

7. Static movement can also be fun

All you need for this game is a piece of stopwatch space and a blank sheet of paper. Each member of the family gradually tests how long he can stand on the left leg, then on the right, or we can keep our eyes closed. Then we can test how long we can "as" sit on a chair, or have a sample preloaded.

8. Letter five minutes

How many things are in your apartment and it starts with the letter L, for example? Well, on purpose, for example, a spoon, lip gloss .... Set your alarm clock for 5 minutes, enter one letter and the children must bring all the light things for that letter to the bedroom on the bed. He who will have the most things wins.

9. Choose with a board game

Choose a board game from the closet and practice your team spirit. Don't get mad, activities for children, cards, twister, puzzles ....

10. Make your car out of the box

It's really easy, and with your little help, even a smaller child can do it. Watch the video!

Your GoSlovakia team :)

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Reported by: Saška Mišiková
Updated on: 31.3.2020
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