The best of a selection of three municipalities from the microregion nad Holeškou

Saška Mišiková

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In this article, we will introduce you to three villages that are located in the picturesque surroundings of the southwestern part of Slovakia, namely Trebatice, Rakovice and Chtelnica. In the fertile lowland landscape, protected by the Považský Inovec mountain range from the northeast side and irrigated by the rich bed of the Váh river, guests will find the right place for relaxation, entertainment and sports. We will show you that in Slovakia there are villages where you can go hiking in the mountains and in the afternoon in hot weather to go refresh somewhere to the water.

We will be the first to visit the village of Rakovice . This picturesque village lies on the Trnava hills. The origin of the name of the village is also interesting. Did you know that it is derived from the Slovak name for an aquatic animal - crayfish? It is said that they used to be frequent animals of rivers and streams that were located in the village. The citizens of this village are known for being very cohesive and appreciating the traditions and monuments of their ancestors.
The dominant feature of this village is certainly the manor house , which is built on the northern edge of the village in a large English park. In 1675 it was originally a Renaissance manor house, but in the 1930s it was rebuilt in the Classicist style. At that time, the manor also housed an extensive library, which allegedly contained up to 6,000 volumes of books. But when the First World War ended, the manor house was looted. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to him after 1945. Today, the manor house is in very good condition and houses a secondary vocational school.

Source: Eobce (13.12.2019)

In the middle of the village, next to the municipal office, which first served as a church school, stands a brick bell tower . The building probably dates from the 18th century. In the lower part there are entrance doors, in the upper part there are three windows terminated by a semicircular arch. Unfortunately, this one was also stolen in 1970 by woodcarving. In the upper part of the bell tower there is a wooden structure and one bell with the inscription: FUSA PERCAJETANUM / ZADL TYRNVIAE 1857.

Source: Obec Rakovice (13.12.2019)

As we go further, on the edge of the village in the direction from Boroviec, there is a statue of St. on a stone pedestal with a square floor plan and a profiled head . Ján Nepomucký. The figure of the saint is depicted in canonical robe with a biret and a torso of a crucifix in his right hand. Statues of St. Ján Nepomucký were most often placed on bridges by the water, because he is the patron saint of millers, rafters, boatmen and confessors.

Source: wikipedia (13.12.2019)

The village of Rakovice can also be proud of the Calvary , which is located at the southern end of the village on the slope of the old cemetery near the cadastral border with the village of Veselé. On the hill stand 3 wooden crosses, which symbolize Golgotha at the top, to which Christ was crucified, along with two other convicts. On the middle cross is a figure of the crucified Christ made of sheet metal.

Source: Obec Rakovice (13.12.2019)

From the village of Rakovice towards the village of Borovce we will cross in less than 6 minutes to another interesting village, Trebatice . The first mention of Trebatice dates back to 1113. However, the oldest settlement is documented by the findings of mammoth bones from the Late Paleolithic (Early Stone Age, 38,000-10,000 years BC). Initially they belonged to the manor of Beckov Castle, later they belonged to the Nitra diocese. This village is sought after by tourists mainly for exploring the beauties of Dolný Považie. The village has 1,350 inhabitants, who are nicknamed "capers" in the vicinity of Trebatice. Every year in September, the Cabbage Feast is held in the village.
The most important monument of the village is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Stephen the King , built in 1851 in the Classicist style. In front of the church there is a Marian monument from 1855 and a monument to the fallen in the 1st st. war. The Classicist Church of St. Stephen the King, with an altar facing east and renovated in 1908, dates from 1851. It is a single-nave rectangular space with a segmental closure of the presbytery and a tower built into the gable facade. The presbytery and the nave are vaulted with Prussian vaults with vaulted intermediate zones. On the west side of the church is a brick arcade emporium. The interior is from the time of the construction of the church. In 1870, a school with one classroom was built in the village - opposite the church.

Source: wikipedia (13.12.2019)

A great attraction of this village is its own go-kart track , where you can experience a real adrenaline rush. The Trebatice go-kart track is a sports circuit hosting the official MSR, Open Cup and Moravian Cup go-kart races. In addition, it has a go-kart rental and the possibility of training with its own go-kart. It is located between Trebatice and Borovce, 6 km from Piešťany. If you are traveling on the D1 motorway, take the exit in the direction of Vrbová and continue on road no. 499 4 km. In the village of Trebatice, turn left in the direction of Veľké Kostolany and after 400 m turn left onto the go-kart track.
There will be only one day to enjoy all the attractions that Trebatice has to offer. Therefore, you will find a wide range of accommodation, from pleasant and comfortable guesthouses, to private homes, apartments and cottages for the less demanding.

Source: Homolamotorsport (13.12.2019)

From Trebatice, via Dolný Lopašov we get to an equally interesting village, namely Chtelnica . Here you will find that for a great holiday you do not have to travel somewhere abroad, but you will find everything you want right at home.
Chtelnica has had the status of a town since the 13th century. If you stand on a large hill, you will see cities such as Piešťany, Hlohovec and Trnava from the village. The village is located on the edge of the Little Carpathians in the valley of the Výtok stream. The first written mention of the village dates from 1216. In the 15th century, Chtelnice was spoken of as a town with market privileges .
The manor house in Chtelnice represents the dominant feature and pride of the village and is an inseparable part of it. It is located on the left side of the road from Chtelnice towards Trstín. It is inextricably linked with the history of the village and its origins date back to the 16th century. It is interesting that this manor also enchanted Maria Theresa or later Jozef Tis , who were its regular visitors.
In the reconstructed parts of the manor there are representative spaces of the regional museum and gallery. The exhibitions present life in this locality in the past, various historical objects and tools. In the reconstructed parts of the manor there are representative spaces of the regional museum and gallery . The exhibitions present life in this locality in the past.

Source: Muzeum (13.12.2019)

In a beautiful mountain valley surrounded by forests of the Little Carpathians , about half an hour's drive northwest of the village is the memorial chapel of St. Rócha . The chapel is located next to a spring of clear water, so it is a great place for your rest. Every year, the inhabitants of Chtelnice traveled here solemnly together with music, guild and church flags, and with them the inhabitants of the area.

Source: GoSlovakia (13.12.2019)

The Church of the Holy Trinity , located near the chapel, was also known as the Lower Church, but it is not the first in its place. Originally there was a chapel of St. Juraja . The construction of the church began on May 6, 1794, when the foundation stone was consecrated, it is now a Roman Catholic church , which, despite its age, is still active and serves its purpose. The church is 46 meters high, the cross on the tower measures 4 meters. The length of the church is about 45 meters, width 14 meters. The tower is 3.9 meters wide. There are currently 3 bells in the church tower. The largest weighs 750 kilograms and has the inscription: "Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us." The second bell weighs 550 kilograms and is the newest. It says: "Saint Charles Borromeo, pray for us." The smallest bell is 300 kilograms and has the inscription: "Holy Virgin Mary, pray for us".

Source: mapio.net (13.12.2019)

Another church in this village is the Church of St. J. The Baptist . It is probably the oldest architectural and historical monument from the village. Together with the rest of the Renaissance fortifications, it has long been one of the dominants of the village. Unfortunately, the origin of this oldest sacral monument in the village is not clear, written reports do not say when it was built. The first indirect report on the existence of the church is in connection with the information about the parish priest and pastor Henrich in Chtelnice in the years 1332-1337. Until recently, a rare local architectural monument fell into disrepair. In 1963, it was included in the list of immovable monuments within the region, as a protected monument, it was restored from the outside in 1967 thanks to the activity of local residents, masons, carpenters and workers.

Source: mapio.net (13.12.2019)

Not every village can boast of its own heating . But the village of Chtelnica also excels in this. The mansion was built in the 18th century. It was disposable in two wings. The buildings that belonged to it were demolished. The building once belonged to a manorial official. Later it served as a textile or vegetable shop. There was already a post office and a library. Located in a row of street buildings. The mansion has two floors. Its predominant building element is the Baroque. However, the front six-axis façade is classicist.

Source: Wikipedia (13.12.2019)

From historically interesting monuments we go to an equally interesting place which is located just behind the village Chtelnica . Citizens would certainly tell you that the place is part of them. It is the Chtelnica reservoir , which is an attraction not only for people who like to get wet and cool in natural waters. This reservoir is also attractive for fishermen , or only for people looking for relaxation by walking in the fresh air by the shore.

Source: GoSlovakia (13.12.2019)

As this village offers many sacred monuments , but also places for recreational activities , there are also more restaurants and businesses where you can eat well. For beer lovers, this village offers a family business U Mira , where you will find not only a pleasant service, but you can, for example. play checkers too.

We are convinced that the places and monuments we presented to you in this article did not leave you cold. If you are a fan of places that have a hall of history as well as us, come visit these 3 villages . Their atmosphere will engulf you fully and you will become a part of them.

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